The Major League Soccer All Star Game is taking place in Atlanta against Italy’s famed club, Juventus. As a result, Adidas hosted a private party to celebrate the players and Italy’s participation. Adidas wanted to create a unique and welcoming experience for the Italian players. Therefore, the international sporting company struck a partnership with our agency. By the end of the consultation, we decided the best course of action would be to hold an interactive mural event.

We worked on a large canvas with black and white stripes to represent the Juventus team colors and their team motto. Our artist filled in white panels with themes relating to Atlanta and the game of soccer prior to the event.

It is important to stress once more that this was an interactive mural. Equally important is the fact that this was an Atlanta live art event. Juventus players had the opportunity to add to the mural in their own creative way. Many utilized soccer cleats, gloves, paint and brushes on site, with our artist host as a creative resource.

Towards the end of the event, the canvas looked completely covered in black paint. Different patterns and textures from both our artist and Juventus players could be seen throughout each panel. The grand “reveal” moment of the event was when the original black stripes on the wall were removed, inverting the canvas back to its black and white stripes. The canvas acted as a great welcoming party, because it promoted a bonding experience between players.

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