Graffiti customization in Boston for an event with a graffiti artist for hire. We worked with EMC3 to bring graffiti customization to guests at the HyperGrowth marketing event. Our artist used a lightning bolt stencil (the signature stamp of HyperGrowth) and spray painted the names of guests on top of totes and t-shirts. In addition, we spray-painted various requested images on the fly. For example, some of our unique requests included flags and dogs!

Our bright & neon spray paint color palette fit the conference vibe. Furthermore, the guests were happy to bring home custom swag to remember the occasion. It was a neat idea to bring graffiti to this event at an architecturally historic theater. We’re happy we could show off our skills as spray-paint specialists. Hope to join forces with the team again!

We primarily paint outdoor large scale murals.  Surprisingly, we even paint a lot of interior office murals with spray paint. However our street art agency provides street artists for events like graffiti customization. In addition, we provide graffiti street art murals across the country from New York to Los Angeles. Furthermore, we even paint residential murals and graffiti murals for businesses.

Graffiti Customization Process

We streamline our process when it comes to graffiti customization like this event in Boston. Firstly, we decide if the client needs an approved sketch process for the designs. We share our artist portfolios when a design process is not required. Secondly, we would need to know how long the event is. As a result, this determines how many artists would be needed on site to be successful. Thirdly, we would need to know what kind of product we are customizing. We use paint pens for products that are too small. Finally, we try to create some samples so guests can know what to expect.

Check out some of our other past graffiti customization projects outside of Boston including a nationwide Denim campaign as well as custom jackets for a Coachella activation. If you are looking for a mix of entertainment and gift giveaways, you should consider a gifting wall mural. You can see more examples of past giveaway walls here.

If you are ready to work with us on a customization project, e-mail us at or call 646-801-6024.

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