Another Atlanta mural design project that we were grateful to take on this year. We partnered with a local female artist to create custom artwork. Afterwards, our artwork was used for a free music festival hosted by Adidas and Journey. Our client was Starch Creative who had worked with us in the past. As a result, we were the perfect partner to align them with local talent.

Our Atlanta mural designer had a graphic and illustrative approach to her work with bright colors, florals and female portraits. As a result, this matched Adidas’s event aesthetic and iridescent palette.

We working closely with the client and artist to offer two live activations to bring creativity and self expression to the ATL community. We stayed true to the artist’s unique style and titled the first digital design “Echo Sisters.”   We had the artwork printed large scale as a photo booth backdrop.  In addition, we altered the design into several smaller digital graphics.  As a result, we printed some of those mini design elements live on site. Furthermore, we could customize according to the guest’s choice and preference.

Finally, the Atlanta mural designer made an appearance painting a large mural live at the event. We affixed Adidas products like backpacks and StanSmith shoes to the wall. Furthermore, the artist painted over these items to create one off gifts for attendees. You can check out some of our other past gifting walls here.

If you are looking to work with an Atlanta mural designer and artist, e-mail us at or call 646-801-6024.

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