Instagram mural for event in Southern California.  We designed an interactive graffiti mural for Andy Grammer‘s new single.  The song was called “Give Love” featuring Lunchmoney Lewis. As a result, our artwork centered aroud the theme of giving love.  Firstly, we designed an interactive photo moment of a megaphone emitting concepts of love.  Secondly, we built the freestanding canvas at our shop in East LA.  Thirdly, we painted the artwork prior to the event off site  Finally, we delivered and setup the canvas at the Arroyo Seco Festival in Pasadena, CA.  We placed this canvas for the public to interact with during Andy Grammer’s performance.   There were plenty of photo ops of festival goers interacting with the piece. Our colorful artwork gave “love” in a colorful burst of imagery.  Check out images of the artwork and people interacting with the piece below:

Instagram Mural for Event - Interactive Photo Backdrop Moment

This was a  fun and interactive piece.  In addition, it turned out to be one of our most popular murals for events.  We didn’t have to guide the Festival attendees on how to interact with the piece.  People flocked to it and got creative on their own.  As a result, we loved capturing all of the fun moments in front of the artwork.

Instagram Mural for Event - Photo Op Mural

We pulled the color scheme with guidance from the client.  In addition, we matched the aesthetics of their artist branding.

Andy Grammer in Pasadena, CA - Give Love

Check out all of the guests having fun and posing in front of the interactive mural.

Instagram Mural for Event- Give Love with Megaphone

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