Check out our 3D chalk art & street art illusions that place participants directly into the artwork.  These floor murals are the perfect interactive photo opportunities for events & activations. 

For this year’s Daytona 500 in Florida, we created a floor illusion piece to promote the 2019 Toyota RAV4.  With a pretty large foot print available on the grounds, we wanted something that would grab the attention of guests.  Our goal was to drive foot traffic to additional booths and encourage visitors to take photos alongside the new car.

anamorphic chalk illusion

chalk mural on floor

After reviewing traditional photo booth backdrops, we decided to create 3D chalk artwork on the ground.  This way, we could include the physical car and guests all in one imaginary setting.  Since the RAV4 is a perfect family car, we set the scene within a Florida marsh.  It incorporated a father and daughter fishing off the dock. Guests were prompted to pose with the car on one of the poles in the water for photos.

Because the artwork is painted on the ground, the illusion is optimal from one point of view. The viewpoint is about 6-8 ft back from the artwork for the ideal distance to capture all the elements in one shot easily.  MKTG (Agency) and Toyota were extremely pleased with the interactive mural.  It stayed in place for three days during the Daytona 500 2019.

floor illusion artist

interactive chalk mural

Interactive 3D anamorphic ground murals are extremely challenging and labor intensive work.  They are typically applied with paint and brush on scenic canvas or vinyl installed onto the ground. The murals can withstand weather and foot traffic and can be cleaned of footprints after any activation with basic soap and water.

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