NYC mural company for hire. Many of the employees of Point72 Asset Management make their weekly commute through Queens on the iconic 7 train.  We painted a mural to celebrate the history rich neighborhoods in Queens. The mural would depict icons that make up the most ethnically diverse county in the U.S.

NYC Mural Artist for Hire - 7 Line Design

Stairway Mural

We painted the fire stairway that also serves the rest of the building. The site of the mural is three floors that house Cubist, as the group is called. Our artwork serves both as a beautiful mural and functionally as a divider from the other floors. Regulation compliance dictates that the Cubist group should not interact with the other trading groups at Point 72. Therefore, we clearly indicate which floors and doors to use.

Hudson Yards Queens Graffiti Art in Stairway

Manhattan Street Art 7 Line Hudson Yards

Mural Artwork

Our team of artists painted a HUGE 7 train and numerous neighborhood icons to connect the Cubist trading team’s safe zones. We were challenged by the tight stairwell space but we managed to get it done and in style!

Mural Company Subway Graffiti Art

NYC Mural Artist for hire

In conclusion, our team was able to design a multi functional mural without creative compromise. You can see in the photos how dynamic the completed artwork is. If you are looking for a NYC Mural Company for Hire, send us an email at or call 646-801-6024