Interior street art for a corporate client office. Kinesso helps their clients organize, understand and use market data. A few  separate departments work together to provide these services. Each pod in the firm meets in the cafe. This is where we painted an interior street art mural. Our creative conversation began with how the unique business layers work together. The team described who does what, and why each level is important. They also showed us where the analytical areas meet and how this forms the mission of each group. The overview was our map to a concept.

NYC Office Space Mural - Interior Street Art

Office Mural Artwork

Interior Street Art – Before & After

Check out the Before photo of the space:

Before interior street art mural

After the interior street art mural painting:

Interior Street Art for NYC Office

Our challenge was to create art that abstracted a complex business model into a cafe vibe. Their cafe is an energetic space, meant for socializing and also re-fueling. The art should reference different elements coming together as a whole. The art should not however incorporate the Kinesso branding that the graphic design team would be using throughout the space. This mural was to be on brand, but also relaxed. Kinesso’s slightly washed out palette set the tone. We then translated the collaborative heart of the space into kinetic composition. Graphic portraiture, references to New York City, also graffiti drips & tags all energetically mix. The colors and patterns collage together as one. The art on the wall is an indirectly references the workflow of the office.

Detail of Interior Street Art Graffiti WIP - Graffiti Art Indoors

Columns in the space and the exposed ducts help to frame views of the wall in white. Against the surrounding surfaces (also white), the Kinesso palette pops nicely too. Peep the gong! What is that for, and also when does that happen? Hopefully during conference calls. We painted this installation over the weekend with an empty office. We also protected the space as per our usual protocol but hey, there goes the gong. Pictures of our artist banging the gong may or may not exist.

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