Wood flat office graffiti. Earlier this month, a group from GE (General Electric) reached out to us to commission some custom graffiti artwork for their offices in Albany.  In case they moved offices in the future, they asked us to paint the artwork on lightweight wood flats.  We were able to construct custom wood flats that all together form one large canvas that incorporates the GE logo and the phrase “Idea Works” in a specified color palette.  Thanks to the efficient communication, this was a very smooth and successful job with a quick turnaround! Check out the pictures of the project below:

wood flat office graffiti GE mural Canvas

We painted the wood flats off site. The above picture is of the wooden canvases in transit before we installed them at the General Electric offices. Check the reflection off the sidewalk puddle in the foreground and the tags on the roll down gate in the back.

wood flat office graffiti GE Canvas

The panels are arranged in landscape orientation to be visible above the work station partitions. It all lines up well in this picture.

GE mural Canvas

You can see the cubicles above, and the panels floating on the wall where they can be seen.

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