NY interior office mural. We worked with GE a while back on a custom canvas and consequently were invited to help create a custom piece for their NYC office space. Graffiti USA specializes in giving a plain office some dynamic color and therefore brightening up the atmosphere. As a result of working closely with the GE team, we were able to create artwork within brand guidelines.

When using spray paint for indoors graffiti and street art, we always go beyond with protection. Consequently, no overspray ends up anywhere it should not. In this case, we built a temporary bubble using plastic and enclosed the space during install.

We painted two walls for this NY interior office mural commission. The first wall incorporated the NYC subway map and the GE logo in silver spray paint. The second wall featured the iconic “I Love NY” phrase. We also hid several iconic New York City elements throughout the wall.

Check out some photos of the completed NY interior office mural below:

NY Interior Office Mural - GE Mirror Reflection

The MTA subway lines resemble wires in the reflection. This part of the artwork also uses a more pastel color palette.

GE Office Mural in NYC

The “I Love NY Hallway” becomes more colorful as the room opens up.

Subway Map Graffiti

Full shot of the graffiti subway mural.

NY Interior Office Mural - NY Skyline Mural for GE

Close up of the GE skyline mural.

NY Interior Office Mural - Office Space Graffiti GE

Street Art in NY interior office mural.

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