When OAR Fitness rowing studio tasked us to create an engaging mural for them, we already had an idea in mind. One of our artists at Graffiti USA’s New Jersey mural company noticed Hanne Lore Koehler’s image, A Rower’s Fantasy.  Upon seeing it, we knew that we needed to try and adapt it to a large scale gym mural.

Projects like this can be a little tricky, because nobody wants to be a plagiarist, willingly or unwillingly. We were delighted by Koehler’s willingness to share the painting with us. As a result, our inspiration for the row studio’s mural stuck with us while creating the final product.

Using various spray paint techniques, we were able to put our street art spin to her original work. This collaboration and Hanne’s overwhelming stamp of approval puts this New Jersey mural company on the map, for businesses and local artists alike!

Below, you can see a few photographs of the finished project. Compare it to the original work by following the links above! If you like this rowing mural we created, and you want something similar for your own business, contact Graffiti USA today! Our information is located at the bottom of the page.

Street Art Mural in NJ

Studio Mural in NJ

Rowing Artwork

Rowing Studio Mural

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