Once again, Graffiti USA is back at another Mod Pizza location! Jacksonville Florida graffiti art is at its purest here, and we are proud to say that we created it.

The creative direction for this piece revolved around the traditional graffiti lettering style. In addition, selected brand colors kept the tag rooted within the building’s current aesthetic. What makes a tag a tag is its refusal to conform to a standard font, either in style or in size. In this case, we struck a balance between unpredictability and legibility.

Traditional tag artists also use white spray paint and clear gloss to give the text a three-dimensional feel. Cel shading boosts the depth of the mural even further. Combine these effects with overhead lighting and you end up with a fantastic work of art that looks animated rather than painted.

We do a lot of replication of Mod’s designs whenever they contract us for a job. But when they are in need for traditional graffiti, Jacksonville graffiti artists for hire always get the job done! Check out the completed artwork below if you want to know what Jacksonville Florida graffiti art is all about:

Graffiti Agency Florida

Jacksonville Graffiti Artist

Florida Graffiti Artist

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