We first met our friends at Twin Marquis a few years ago when we painted their Bushwick factory location (we remember it being one of the hottest days that summer!)  They reached out to us again to create a new piece at their Lower East Side location on the corner of Canal St. and Ludlow St.  This time, the theme was to create an interactive, colorful piece that would work great as a photo backdrop for passerby’s.  This is a very busy intersection with high foot traffic near a lot of galleries.  The client understood the importance of working with the community and giving back with public art.  We had fun painting a big bowl of noodles with their “I Love Noodles” instagram moment.

Twin Marquis was first founded in 1989 at the 39 Canal St. location in the Lower East Side/Chinatown with the mission of making fresher noodles & wrappers.  This location is still used as the distribution hub of Twin Marquis products for NYC’s Asian food lovers and delivering the freshest products made with pride.

chinatown mural

rustoleum graffiti mural

i love noodles street art

bowl of noodles graffiti

Sign Painting LES

Chinatown Mural

Canal St. Mural Art

On the adjacent wall, they worked with our parent company Klughaus on an artist feature project with Glossblack.  They were very supportive of the arts and allowed us to curate that wall as a rotating gallery of artists with graffiti roots.

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