Calming mural of a sunset landscape using soft pastel colors for a clothing shop in Santa Barbara.  American Colors reached out to us to design and paint a light & airy mural for their new retail space in the heart of the city.  Previously, we have painted a lot of dynamic bright and colorful murals.  However, we haven’t had a chance to tone down our palettes to create a more calming and soothing design.  As a result, this was a perfect project to design something refreshing for our portfolio.

In our current times, anxiety levels are high.  Therefore, there’s nothing better than to have some calming artwork to look at on our walls.  Nature landscapes are the perfect natural subjects to create a relaxing atmosphere.  The brand that we worked with understood this and it also went very well with the aesthetics of their shop.

Calming Mural for Retail Store

Santa Barbara Calming Mural for Retail

Calming Landscape Mural in SoCal

We loved painting in Santa Barbara and excited to add some of our artwork to their local businesses.  This is the first spray painted mural of its kind in retail storefronts in the neighborhood.  Here are some shots of the work in progress during the store build out:

Santa Barbara Mural Artist

Santa Barbara Street Artist

Completed Store Graffiti Art

If you’re looking for a calming mural in your business or residence, reach out to us at or call 646-801-6024.