Asian supermarket mural created for the 99 Ranch chain in Fairfax, VA.  We used chalk to create a photo op welcome sign at a new supermarket in Virginia.  The design was created by the client. However, we put our creative spin on the artwork using the medium of chalk and drawing it by hand.  As a result, we created a piece that felt crafty and matched the aesthetics of the specialty chain.

Asian Supermarket Mural - Chalk Art

It was an honor to work with Tawa on their 99 Ranch stores since we are actually loyal customers ourselves.  Whenever we travel, we can always depend on locating a 99 Ranch to source specialty Asian ingredients.  A lot of the products they stock aren’t available at the major grocery chains.  It was a fun project to be able to contribute artwork to one of their stores.

Virginia Sign Painting for Asian Supermarket Mural

We created the art with a temporary medium like chalk.  As a result, we sealed the artwork afterwards to protect it. However, certain areas of the artwork was purposely left unsealed.  The reason for this was because they may have different vendors that could be swapped out in the future.  Therefore, we look forward to going back to create new logos in the same style when that happens!

Virginia Supermarket Sign Painting Art

Asian Mural Artist Sign Painter

Virginia Mural Artist for Hire

Mural Arts for Asian Community

In addition to the Asian supermarket mural & chalk art, we also painted giant lettering above different sections of the store.  Our mural agency specializes in working with Asian American artists and also supporting various clients in the Asian community.  Furthermore, our goals is to educate and introduce the large scale mural art form to clients without any experience.  Today, large scale muralists are at the forefront of modern & contemporary art.  We help partner brands with leading artists to create impactful collaborations.

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