Clients often look to create artwork on canvases that they can bring with them if they end up moving locations in the future. This can also be a great option when clients are looking for freestanding walls for events. We have production services available in most major cities. Below are some of the different options that we offer:

Option #1 – Wooden framed out flats

This is our most popular option. We can create framed out wooden flats in sections starting at 4′ ft x 8′ feet and connect them to create a larger wall. There are jacks connected on the back so they can be freestanding with some sandbags. Please see some visual examples of scenic flats and the artwork painted on them below.

stage flat options

Graffiti Artwork Live

California graffiti artist


Option #2 – Mural Easel Frame

If you don’t have a surface we can attach a canvas onto, we have mural easel frames for indoor use (best used for spray paint designs.) The easel frame can hold canvases that are 60 in. (5 ft.) tall x 120 in. (10 ft.) wide. This can be used with black or white primed canvas options.

Option #3 – Pre-stretched canvases

Many local art stores offer pre-stretched canvases that can be placed adjacent to each other to create a larger canvas. This is a more economical option but the largest size each canvas comes in is about 5 x 6 ft. You can also have them shipped directly to you in packages of 3. We recommend using the Blick Premier Gallery Profile canvases. If going with this option For live artwork, we would need a wall or secure easels to be able to hang the canvas(es) on.

Larger Blick Canvas Package Options:


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