Inspirational mural in New Jersey. A private client reached out to us because she was looking for custom murals in her garage turned home gym. Our local graffiti artist painted two walls that featured lettering phrases. From the view when entering the garage, we painted an American flag mural with the quote “Fortune Favors The Brave”. We incorporated 3D water droplets and rubble blasting out of the wall. Secondly, the phrase “Squat Dungeon” displays boldly on the other wall, inspiring the client’s workout sessions. We think we crushed it! Check out images of the completed murals below, and other residential mural projects.

Inspirational Mural for NJ Residential Garage

Firstly, we came up with the designs that scaled to the size of the wall space.  Secondly, we came up with a color palette that the client approved.  Thirdly, we suubmitted designs for approval from the client. Fourthly, the client allowed us to add some tweaks in person and gave some creative freedom.

NJ Inspirational Mural for Home Gym

We loved adding the little water droplets on the letters.  This is a fun effect to paint using spray paint.  In addition to being an inspirational mural for the element of fitness, we hope that it would inspire viewers as art as well!

Inspirational Mural in NJ Home - Flag Image

new jersey graffiti artist

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