Basketball graffiti artist paints mural for Jelly Fam video.  The Bleacher Report covers professional and college football, basketball, NASCAR, fantasy sports and more. We were honored that they came to us to help with production for a video to feature Jelly Fam.  Our team helped build a temporary canvas to paint their logo with spray paint.  In addition, they filmed the process of our basketball graffiti artist completing the piece.

Jelly Fam is a group of young athletes from Harlem and New Jersey that have taken basketball courts by storm with their signature move, “The Jelly.” Our client wanted to reference the relationship between basketball and NYC street culture via our basketball graffiti artist.  We were able to provide the location for this production shoot on our studio rooftop.  Our location also provided a beautiful view of the NYC skyline in the background.

First, we built the 8×8 canvas at our fabrication shop in Staten Island.  Secondly, we used a vector image of the logo to sketch on to the canvas.  Thirdly, we filled in some of the artwork prior to the filming.  Lastly, our basketball graffiti artist was able to complete the logo live in front of the camera. In conclusion, this was a fun project and we are always open to helping create graffiti art for sports videos.

We were able to replicate their logo and give it street art vibe.  This is becoming a common request from our client.  Our artwork can  be found in the video here:

Harlem NY Basketball Art

Jelly Fam Street Art - Basketball graffiti artist

Graffiti Talent for Hire NYC - Basketball Graffiti Video

Graffiti Production Talent - Basketball Documentary

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