Lady Gaga Street Promo. Graffiti USA worked with MTV and some Lady Gaga fans recently on this 2013 Video Music Awards promo for Lady Gaga. One of our artists painted this “No Sleep” tag on a Brooklyn rooftop in the video below. (Lady Gaga likes the Beastie Boys I guess ?)

Lady Gaga Street Promo Graffiti MTV VMA

On the set, classic rooftop vibes were strong so close to the Manhattan Bridge. The brick shaft enclosure makes for a great canvas also for our artist to use up top. A alternating, repeating series of Lady Gaga portraits & VMA wheat pastes make up the block row along the bottom. As you can see in the clip, MTV producers filmed some Little Monsters throwing the posters up for content. Not sure if this is dusk or dawn, but in keeping with the theme it is likely dawn ?

Lady Gaga Street Promo Graffiti VMA MTV

Our artist in action with the sprayer. “No Sleep” sounds about right here by the look of things. Safety first ! Always use a respirator and gloves when possible. Lady Gaga Street Promo

In other news, congrats to KAWS for taking over MTV for the VMA’s this year! That Companion line drawing comes off nicely in the promo graphics. Ask us about our KAWS MTV VMA poster in the studio!

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