Artwork for Commercial. Earlier in the year, we partnered with our friends at Graffiti NY on a project for an Alain Afflelou commercial video shoot. Production Companies Area 64 and RITA reached out to Graffiti NY for a commission piece. The final image was used by BETC Agency for Alain Afflelou optical products campaign. We were asked to develop and paint a clean, traditional graffiti lettering style that is easy to read on video and across multiple platforms. The painted piece will be used to promote the ALAIN AFFLELOU Win-Win package plan.

It was a fun piece to paint and made for a great video. The rooftop in Dumbo, Brooklyn has a sick view also. Doesn’t get much better than this!

Check out some photos and video of the artwork for commercial project below:

It’s fun to see the whole production come together. Ventilation was good and the roof made for an interesting office for the day.

Artwork for Commercial - Graffiti Artist for hire

This wall or this rooftop has been a popular illegal graffiti spot for years. Interesting to be up here with twenty people making a lot of noise. We had security instead of having interactions with security..

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