NYC graffiti artists for quality mural work across the 5 boroughs. We have artists in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx and Staten Island for street art commissions. Several photos of our recent work are available below!

The first image is a Brooklyn mural that uses a very intricate stencil design. Compared to the “NYC” text, the “Brooklyn” text appears as if it was straight out of a comic book. As a result, this is one of our best exterior murals we have created recently.

Our interior office murals in New York range the clean to the gritty. Much of what determines the cleanliness of our artwork is the canvas we work with. The second photo is a drywall painting, which influenced its use of shapes and colors. However, the third image is a mural painted on brick, which provides actual physical texture to the artwork.

Various NYC graffiti artists created the Bronx artwork for New Balance. Its tri-color design is considerably striking as an interior artwork, yet it manages to work, given the context of the company. In contrast, the rest of the photos showcase artwork designed for conference rooms. Therefore, it’s important to keep the artwork as inviting and expressive as possible. Even on brick, these types of artworks inspire employees and managers alike.

Do you need help with renovating a boring area of your office? Additionally, do you need help sprucing up the exterior of your building? Graffiti USA’s NYC graffiti artists can help! Contact us by phone or email today.


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Office Mural - NYC

NY office graffiti mural

NYC Bronx Mural Art Office Mural in NYC

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Little Things Office Mural in New York City