We work with LGBT graffiti artists and muralists that are involved in the LBGTQ community. Many of them have created murals centered around the topic of love. Murals are a great way to celebrate pride. Therefore, we do what we can to express our support for this community through the artwork we create. A few examples are available below.

The rainbow has long been a symbol of the LGBTQ community. As a result, several businesses and franchises owned and operated by community members have asked muralists to create LGBTQ-themed mural art displaying this theme. The first image is of a mural we did for a MOD Pizza branch in San Francisco. We used the rainbow color pattern as negative space in order to create busy textures with white spray paint. Furthermore, the phrase “come as you are” serves to compliment the overarching theme, which we layered on top of a black background.

We used the rainbow color scheme in several other artworks. Most notably, we made one to support the hashtag #erasealldoubt, which Under Armour and Crayola proudly sponsored. However, some muralists wanted to expand upon the message with more diverse artstyles. The exterior mural we made to support the hashtag #givelove uses heavy cel shading and many expressive images.

Additionally, our LGBT graffiti artists painted a subway car a beautiful bronze color with some traditional tags in black. During Pride Month in Philadelphia, we created an interior mural paying homage to the LOVE sculpture in Downtown.

LBGT graffiti artists are some of the most enthusiastic professionals around in the art world. If you want to commission their services, contact us by phone or email today!

Mod Pizza Graffiti

Miami Florida Colorful Mural

Colorful Marathon Runners Posing

Give Love Graffiti Mural

Hong Kong Graffiti Artist for Hire

Love Sculpture Art for Ice Max in Philly