We worked with one of our Latino Mural Artists for this newly opened Mod Pizza location in Riverside, California. Since Mod Pizza has been a frequent client of ours, we were very familiar with their creative process. First, we discussed the creative direction with the client. Then, with our expertise we recommended we utilize a stencil for the best execution of the creative direction. Next, we created various stencils of the Mod Pizza logo in different sizes. We created some stencils to fill in completely, while others were designed for a thin outline of the logo in spray paint.

Our Latino Mural Artist utilized each stencil to repeat the clients logo on the exterior of their store.  We overlapped the stencils in different colors and placed them randomly across each window panel. It was important to us to make sure the final piece would feel well-balanced and thoughtful. Additionally, we added natural spray paint drips to give it a bit of that graffiti feel. Not to mention, the drips helped add texture and dimensions to the piece. Overall, the mural turned out very colorful, bright and fun!  And of course, we were very thankful to the hard work from our Latino Mural Artist handling the job.

Our Latino Mural Artist painted the mural on top of vinyl. We take this approach for any mural that needs to be easily removed down the line.  We’ve done other similar installs on top of vinyl for temporary events, or vinyl wrapped cars. Spray paint on vinyl lasts just as long as spray paint on a wall.

You can check out this art piece for Mod Pizza at Arlington Plaza (3444 Arlington Ave, Riverside, CA 92506) with images below.

Latino Mural Artist - Riverside Graffiti

california street artist

Latino Mural Artist - California Street Art

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