Mural on Phone Cases. We worked on a live corporate event recently with Yahoo! to create another one of our signature Graffiti USA cell phone case graffiti walls.  This particular wall held over 250+ removable phone cases including (iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus & Android 6). As the guests arrived, we created a colorful mural using low odor, non-toxic water based spray paint. As the guests left the event, they each were able to take a phone case of their choice off of the wall.  This was a great interactive piece that complemented an amazing event. Many of the attendees had no idea that the original wall they saw being painted was even a mural on phone cases until they were leaving. Check out some of the progress photos below:

The cell phone case wall primed and ready for paint:

Mural on Phone Cases - interactive graffiti

The semi-complete mural painted over the phone cases with water based spray paint:

Mural on Phone Cases - interactive graffiti

During the event, we added some detail and also more texture. This way, each case was more unique:

Mural on Phone Cases - Graffiti Wall

The give away wall missing much of its design after the phone cases have been removed.

interactive graffiti

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