Projection mapping mural of graffiti art with our partners at Lightform.  We can design custom murals that come to life with light projections.  These interactive moving murals are best for low light environments.  They are the perfect solution for and all kinds of events and activations.  We look forward to working on more events as the world starts to return to normal after the pandemic!

Projection Mapping Mural

First, we design a contrasting mural that has few colors.  Don’t worry the colors will come in with the projection design.  Secondly, we need to make sure that the wall is clear of obstructions. This way, we are able to project clearly across the entire painted area.  There are different levels of luminosity with projectors and we can guide you on the best one to get for your situation.  Thirdly, we paint the approved design onto the wall.  The murals can live indoors or outdoors.  However, keep in mind that you need to provide a safe place for the projector outdoors that is not exposed to the elements.  In addition, you an only activate the artwork outdoors at night.  Finally, we can map out the painted artwork and add projections to different surfaces. Watch as your artwork comes to life!

Spray Painted Mural - Graffiti Projection Mapping

Spray Painted Mural - Graffiti Projection Mapping Mural

Interactive Projection Mural Art

Our standard packages include pre-designed video templates and animations.  However, we can work with animators to create custom videos to your specific design.  Our projection mapping is not limited to flat surfaces and we can also bring 3D objects to life as well.

Projection Mapping Murals – Partnering with Lightform

In the past, we have worked with other agencies to create custom projection mapping on murals for events.  However, we partnered with Lightform to test out their one stop solution of hardware and software.  As a result, we were able to easily create our own projection mapping without the need to involve a third party.  We can be a lot more creative by keeping the process in house.  While there is a slight learning curve, we were able to pick this up pretty quickly with professional results.  We are more than excited at all the possibilities of what we can do with Lightform!

Please contact for projection mapping mural projects or give us a ring at 310-853-8877