Orlando mural artist for hire in downtown Orlando. We painted a piece of artwork for the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing. Our artwork lived at the world’s largest gathering of female technologists with 25,000 attendees. We provided the artwork for the event at the Orlando Convention center this year. We worked with Target, who had a booth at a prime location.

Out Orlando mural artist was happy to help when the client decided to showcase an interactive graffiti friendly version of their logo. As a result, we left the artwork uncolored so that the best and brightest could literally leave their mark on it!

In addition, we incorporated outlined graffiti words submitted by the client and the public via social media. Furthermore, our artwork looked so good that Target held off on coloring it in.  Instead, they wanted to wait until the very last day of the celebration. As a result, they focused the interaction on their high touch candidates. In conclusion, we were happy to let our artist’s work display untouched for a few additional days!

We work with the best street art muralists in Orlando everywhere from downtown to Winter Park. If you are interested in collaborating with an Orlando mural artist for hire, contact us at art@graffiti-artist.net or call us at 646-801-6024.

Orlando Convention Coloring Mural

Orlando mural artist for hire

Graffiti Coloring Mural