Recently, a New York based experiential marketing agency came to us for help. Rise & Set, was looking to bring live entertainment to their clients. In the end, we decided on a graffiti auction for conference dinner they were hosting.

To start, a financial company called Golden Tree Asset Management wanted to contribute a hand painted gift to their partner, LA’s Downtown Women’s Center. For this event, we could not use our indoor friendly water-based spray paint. As such, we proceed with an artist and a design that could be executed with paint and brush.

Next, it was time for the live art for charity. Our team of two artists painted the two 3x4ft stretched canvases during the pre-dinner. In addition, they did work during the after dinner cocktail hours. However, some prep work was done to the canvas prior to the event. This was so that each artist could leave highlights and finishing details for the live demonstration.

Finally, it was time for the graffiti auction. While our artists were painting, many guests expressed interest in their work. Bids were taken and at the end of the graffiti auction, each piece of artwork went home to its new owner. Now, you can take a look at the artwork that was created for this event. Take a look below.

live art for charity

paining the canvas for the graffiti auction

paining the canvas for the graffiti auction

paining the canvas for the graffiti auction

la live graffiti artist

Pre event charity graffiti art