We created an office mural wallpaper design for our client in New York City.  Our task was to design a digital mural by a local street artist.  After that, we printed the artwork on vinyl and installed it at Sony Music’s headquarters.  Because the office was a large open space, we factored that into our design.  After some client conversations, the final idea was a universal sound wave. We created a design that flowed effortlessly through the space.  The imagery contained abstract designs spread across multiple walls and pillars.

Our design combined graffiti textures and icons.  We depicted different digital music experiences on a global perspective. In addition, we incorporated pops of colors that complimented existing decor without overwhelming viewers.  Finally, we’re excited to share the office mural wallpaper final installation.  Check out the installed artwork below:

Office Mural Design

Office Mural Wallpaper

Mural Wallpaper Design

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Graphic Mural - Digital Design

Office Mural Wallpaper - Mural Company

Office Street Art Mural