We collaborated for this word collage mural with The Sandbox Agency based in Santa Monica, LA for their office space.

First, we determined which walls we would accentuate with a word collage mural. This will help fill up the space and add inspiration throughout the office. Afterwards, we had an initial discussion around the general scope and scale of the project. Then, we were able to arrange an in-person site visit with The Sandbox Agency. In particular, this process allows us to see if the project will require any specific protection or challenges to install. Not to mention, it gives us insight into the design of the rest of the office space.

Now, we discuss the creative direction and concept. Truly, this client was a lot of fun to work with because they allowed us a lot of freedom with the creative process. After walking through various styles and techniques, the client wanted to stay true to the graffiti roots we come from. They liked the idea of creating a word collage mural with references to traditional graffiti, bubble lettering and bricks.  As well as, including lots of color and California iconic palm trees.

To begin, the client provided us with a list of words they would like to see incorporated into the word collage mural. We took those words and created mock sketches of how we would arrange them on each wall. The client provided some feedback, but in general they wanted to include a variety of stylized font.

Word Collage Mural Images

We had a lot of fun painting this one! Take a look at some of the fun and colorful photos from the finished artwork found within The Sandbox Agency office below:

"Word Collage Mural in LA

For more word collage mural project inquiries, please contact us at art@graffiti-artist.net or call 646-801-6024