Raleigh interior office murals are now in many local businesses! Fascinating artwork is no longer limited to places like Asheville. Today, the demand for commissioned graffiti and street art reaches into the capitol. Let’s take a look at once such example.

Recently, Genworth Mortgage Insurance contacted us with plans for a project. The company wanted to reinforce themes of family, community, and security in their Raleigh office. Potential homeowners require assurance that a major investment like a mortgage is safe enough for the future they want to pursue.

Some of our artists are homeowners. Therefore, they were happy to contribute their talents to the renovation. The wall we chose was their largest training room. Every new employee completes the training process here, making it a rather busy thoroughfare.

Later, we decided to combine several design elements together in the final product. The colors we chose aligned with Genworth’s brand. However, we added transparent layers of paint between the background and foreground. The addition of rolling hills hearkens to the landscape of the Piedmont, just outside of the capitol. Most importantly, we sought to express the nobility of Genworth’s approach to business.

Raleigh Interior Office Mural - Left Profile

Raleigh Interior Office Mural - Right Profile

Genworth Mortgage Insurance Artwork

There is one thing Graffiti USA has in mind whenever we make a Raleigh interior office mural. Every piece of art we make should express several values any organization can appreciate. To conclude, Graffiti USA’s artists care about what you do and the way you do it.

If you’re in central North Carolina and you’re interested in a consultation, contact us today! However, if you’re still on the fence, don’t worry. We’re positive that a few more examples of our work can assure you of our professional quality. Check out another photo album we made of the Raleigh Music Festival here!