Chicago office mural created for the new USA office in Chicago, IL. Firstly, we referenced the classic large letter postcard style.  Secondly, we added a bit of a modern graffiti twist to the main lettering. Thirdly, we incorporated some iconic imagery of Chicago.  Local elements included the El, Blackhawks, Bean Sculpture, Chicago Skyline and Chicago Theater. However, last but not least, we included a Chicago Hot Dog! Finally, we also used some colors to tie the piece into some of the furniture and light fixtures in the space. Check out some images of the final piece below along with some detail shots:

Chicago Office Mural

The game room space already had a light gray background which worked as a great neutral base color.  We designed the piece so that it would float on the existing wall color and not be too overwhelming.  Otherwise, it would make the space feel much smaller.

Mural in Chicago Office

Our imagery within the letters included a mix of realism and graphic designs.  This classic postcard style makes it all come together.  We really loved how the bean or cloud gat esculpture came out.

Chicago Mural Detail

We added in some classic neon signage along with our hot dog character!

Chicago Theater Graffiti

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