Brooklyn Office Mural. We worked with Cases, an NYC organization that aims to “increase public safety through innovative services that reduce crime and incarceration, improve behavioral health, promote recovery and rehabilitation, and create opportunities for success in the community.”  To start, Graffiti USA happens to be a model example of changing for the good, much like Cases’ mission. Since we were able to take our negative energy from our past graffiti roots, and transform it into a positive, successful business. Check out photos of the new custom pantry and hallway we painted for the client:

Lastly, this is an impressive, passionate client. Because they are looking to make the future better for a lot of kids. Our hats off to them!

Cases - Graffiti Artist For Hire

The C train pulling up on Cases Brookyln office in brand colors and graffiti letters. Check out the Coney Island in the background!

Cases Brooklyn - Graffiti Artist For Hire

Create, integrity, empower, and learn. Cases sets up kids in better situations. So, they can get out of the criminal justice cycle that hinders growth. Therefore, we are grateful for organizations like this. Check out the detail in the halls of justice vignette, and the buildings in perspective in the previous picture, very nice !

Cases Brooklyn - Graffiti Artist For Hire

Brooklyn Office Mural

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