NJ restaurant mural for a new Shake Shack location in Hoboken on Washington St.  We specialize in handling the art design, sourcing and production for national restaurant chains.    Therefore, we are honored to start a new relationship with the amazing team at Shake Shack. We worked on a custom design with a local artist for their newest location in Hoboken, New Jersey.  In addition, we were honored to work on their largest installation to date.

Hoboken Shake Shack on Washington St. Mural

One of our co-founders went to school at Baruch College and frequented the first pop-up Shake Shack in Madison Square Park.  It’s been impressive to watch the company’s growth and journey to becoming a global chain of restaurants.  We even ate at a location in Tokyo recently!  Most importantly, they serve consistently delicious food and a great product always sells itself.

Shake Shack Hoboken Mural

Restaurant Mural Design Process

Firstly, we helped source a local artist with a style similar to their design aesthetic.  We chose an artist who works digitally but also paints very clean with a mix of spray paint and latex.  Secondly, we designed the mural to scale of the dimensions provided to us.  Thirdly, we painted this artwork after hours during the final phases of restaurant construction.  We installed the mural on raw brick.  As a result, we had to work very carefully and be conscious of any overspray.

Hoboken Mural Artist for Hire

We incorporated several hidden easter eggs featuring the Shake Shack logo throughout the piece including the burger icons and shakes.  The murals in their stores all have a common theme of incorporating local landmarks and culture into the piece. This NJ restaurant mural was no exception.  As a result, we included images of the train station/terminal, clock tower and NYC skyline.

NJ Restaurant Mural by Street Artist

Due to Covid, the restaurant still isn’t at full capacity yet for indoor dining.  However, we hope that guests can enjoy the amazing artwork inside the restaurant once it’s back to normal.  We believe the artwork really did a great job in bringing the space to life.  Some color goes a long way to creating a more engaging and enjoyable environment for dining.

Hoboken Shake Shack Wall Art

We painted carefully in the background to allow some of the raw brick to show through the design.

NJ Restaurant Mural in Hoboken

Our experience working on this NJ restaurant mural was top notch.  We enjoyed working with their organized and responsive team.

For NJ restaurant mural project inquiries, e-mail us at art@graffiti-artist.net or call 646-801-6024