In 2015, we worked on an interior street art mural project, in collaboration with West Chin Architects & Interior Designers, for a new restaurant called Momi Ramen opening in East Hampton, NY.  We were very happy with how this piece came out.  You can see the installation photos below.

Our primary inspirations for this piece of restaurant street art came from two sources. Firstly, Ukiyo-e paintings from the Edo period served to influence many design elements. This school of art is referenced within the background’s color scheme and texture. Additionally, the use of negative space in the human portrait further emphasizes the style .

Moreover, this Japanese style mural pays homage to modern-era New York. Andy Warhol’s pop-art period is clearly visible in the portrait on the center-left. For example, the use of single hues and circle motifs allow the portrait to stand out from the more traditional background.

To summarize, we believe that this interior street art mural breathed plenty of life into this establishment. However, we are only responsible for a small part of the restaurant’s success. You should check out some of the press for the restaurant below! Definitely go try it out if you are in the area:

NY Times: Review: Momi Ramen in East Hampton Defies Expectations
Village Voice: Momi Ramen Brings Homemade Doodles and Izakaya Fare to East Hampton

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