Koi Fish mural artwork designed and painted in an Orange County warehouse space.  We revisited one of our past clients KwikCash to add more murals to their warehouse space.  The space is meant to be multi-use as a break room, gym and general relaxing atmosphere to get away from the boring office environment.

Koi Fish Mural for Office Space

We are able to work with various client budgets in order to maximize coverage while keeping the artwork minimal.  In this case, we didn’t want to oversaturate the walls with color.  Therefore, we used the background color as the base color for a lot of the imagery.  We can spray paint without the need to cut back.  This kind of technique takes many years of experience to achieve.

We filmed a time lapse of the Koi Fish mural painting process which you can see below:

Check out the before photos of the blank walls that was just calling out for some artwork!  We wanted to use the negative space background color of the wall to keep it light and airy.  As a result, our design didn’t make the top portion of the wall feel empty.

For Koi Fish mural project requests, e-mail us at art@graffiti-artist.net or call 646-801-6024