New Orleans restaurant mural for a new Johhny Sanchez location.  We recently worked on an amazing mural project in New Orleans with celebrity chefs John Besh and Aaron Sanchez! We painted a Mexican street art mural designed by Michelle Myles (a co-owner of Daredevil Tattoo in the LES.) The mural was painted in an upcoming restaurant called “Johnny Sanchez” that will be opening soon in downtown New Orleans.  Thank you to everyone involved for all the southern hospitality and for all the amazing food!  Check out some photos of the mural below:

New Orleans Interior Restaurant Mural Graffiti

A shot of the mural after we completed the artwork.  This was shot during the construction phase.  Firstly, we designed the artwork to fit the scale of the wall.  Secondly, we picked the colors to work with the existing spray paint palette.  Thirdly, we painted the artwork on the existing gray wall color.

NOLA Restaurant Johhn Sanchez

New Orleans Restaurant Mural - Spray Paint

If you are in the neighborhood, definitely stop by to try out the restaurant.  The food is amazing and you can admire the mural while eating your meal!

New Orleans Graffiti Artist Mural

Here’s a shot of the two celebrity chef restaurant owners in front of the mural backdrop.

New Orleans Graffiti Artist

Spray paint is the best medium to replicate the traditional flash tattoo style.  As a result, there are actually a lot of tattoo artists with graffiti roots.  In factm one of the artists that worked on this mural is actually a tattoo artist himself.

New Orleans Graffiti Artist

Check out some of the detail shots of the mural.  Our artists posing below the mural below to give you an idea of scale!

New Orleans Graffiti Artist

For New Orleans restaurant mural project inquiries, please contact us at or call 646-801-6024