Graffiti Art Atlanta. We had the chance to design and paint a blacklight-lit graffiti collage mural a few months ago.  The Painted Duck is a spin off bowling bar/venue of the successful predecessor, The Painted Pin in Atlanta, GA. This new venue is located in the Stockyards on the Westside. The main difference of the new location is that they feature duckpin bowling with smaller pins and balls!  We were honored to be involved in some of the design aspects of the entrance to the new location. The client’s goal was to create a raw space and environment starting in a small and dark stairway leading down into an entrance that opened up into a contrasting large, roomy and upscale open space.  We suggested street graffiti that would be colored in a way to glow with black lights to keep the darker feel of the space.  Incorporating some of the brand’s slogans and hidden inside jokes, we put together a fun mural that is a conversation piece for guests as they walk into the space.

Blacklight Graffiti Tips: One of the tricks with creating murals that pop in blacklight is working on a dark background (ideally black.)  For any fluorescent and neon colors that we use, we usually place an undercoat of white so that it’s more opaque and glows much brighter. White is also a color that  glows well in blacklight without having to be fluorescent. While we didn’t use it for this project, they actually have glow in the dark spray paint as well if you wanted to get really creative with it!

The Painted Duck is a distinguished drinkery, duckpin bowling, and gaming parlour located in the Stockyards Atlanta development on the Westside. (  Located at: 976 Brady Ave NW, Atlanta, GA 30318 Do yourself and drop by to have a drink, bowl and check out the artwork as you enter the space.

The mural was also featured in a recent article below:

Atlanta Magazine – Exclusive: The Painted Duck is set to open this week on the Westside

Graffiti Art Atlanta - The Painted Duck

Graffit Art Atlanta - Hallway Entrance

Small Balls - Bowling Graffiti Art Atlanta

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