Graffiti USA is back making Bay Area graffiti art! Recently, we designed and painted some custom murals for Mod Pizza at their Pittsburg, CA location. In one corner of the restaurant, we had our local graffiti artist create a colorful collage. In that collage, simple overlapping bubble letters create the phrase “MOD ON!” The use of cel shading created a fun texture, livening the space further.

On another wall, we replicated a existing Mod “YES” design, painting it on wooden slats. The best muralist in San Fransisco used brushes to make the design cleaner, plus it served to juxtapose the other artwork. Finally, we added the standard hand painted Mod Story piece to this store as well. Unlike the “YES” design, this part of the mural was done on drywall. Therefore, the San Fransisco sign painters decided to have it stand on its own as a mission statement.

We work with very talented local mural artists and graffiti artists throughout the Bay Area. Whether the medium is hand painted by brush or using spray paint, we know how to get the job done! If you want in on some of the best Bay area graffiti art around, contact Graffiti USA as soon as possible. Before you find our information at the bottom of the page, check out some photos from the Pittsburg, CA mural installation below:

Graffiti Mural Mod Pizza

Bay area graffiti art Mod On

Restaurant Mural Graffiti

Hand Painted Mural

Bay area graffiti art Yes Mod Pizza

Mural Detail Bay area graffiti

Sign Painting Mod Pizza

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