Selfie Mural Campaign. We are Swell agency is an Aperol brands activation partner. With a hand painted mural campaign in mind they came to our team for execution. Without a doubt the mural locations needed to be in active locations. Once the two Los Angeles locations were chosen, we commenced painting. The murals invite us to drink Aperol because we can’t go to Italy. Following the 2020 travel restrictions, the creative needed to be smart for this selfie mural campaign.

The content is a selfie ready photorealistic portal to scenic country-side and canals. Branding from Aperol is pretty minimal – a bottle in the corner & a bright orange frame. The window frame layout allowed us to break the scenes into multiples at the lower and longer Sunset location while maintaining distance and proportion. The painting studio really did a great job on the selfie mural campaign. The paintings consisting of detailed landscapes. It’s nice to see them popping up on social media with #aperolmoments and other campaign branded client hashtags. Hope to be there in person next year..

Selfie Mural Campaign

mural close up

Selfie Mural Campaign Both murals with a polaroid style frame and call to action. Promoting a “Staycation Selfie Here”

Selfie Mural Campaign

The larger of the two murals allowed for multiple selfie opportunities.

mural painting process