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Smaller Canvases:

Graffiti USA’s specialty and preference is to create artwork directly onto surfaces to maintain the aesthetics of true graffiti and street art. However, we understand that this is not always a possibility for clients who want a piece of artwork to bring with them if they move or if property owners simply do not allow murals.  All of the examples below are for interior installations only.  We do not recommend canvases for long term exposure to the elements outdoors.

Examples of Graffiti & Street Art on Canvases up to 4×8 ft (for larger canvases, please see our custom canvas builds):


Mural Wallpaper:

Graffiti USA creates custom spray painted murals on a walls with different textures to scale of your space and then use professionally shot photographs to print out & install large scale wallpaper.  This way, we can maintain the aesthetic of spray paint that can’t be replicated digitally.  A main benefit of this process is the flexibility to lay out text and logos on top of the final piece.

Please note that this process would involve a multiple step process & costs of painting an actual mural, photography, printing & installing.  Please contact us for custom quotes if interested.

Actual Mural painted to scale:

Comedy Central Mural Painted for Workaholics

Photographs of mural used for billboard and poster applications:

Street Art Portrait Photography & Billboard in LA

Subway Mural Poster in NYC

For project inquiries, please contact us at or call 646-801-6024