Seattle street artist for hire.  Every now and then we have the opportunity to work with amazing clients who really appreciate graffiti art.  In addition, they understand what it means to give artists their true artistic freedom.  We painted a private exterior residential commission in West Seattle where this was the case.

A special thank you to the homeowner for being so understanding and letting the artist do what they do best.  As a result, our artist worked on an abstract concept to fit into the tight space.  On site, he embellished the piece to make it work best with the environment and bled some of the designs onto the stairs.  The final piece was an eclectic addition as part of their home renovation.  Check out some photos of the completed piece below:

Seattle Street Artist Mural

We worked in a tight space where the artwork had to be abstract because the viewer couldn’t step back far enough.  However, there was a window that the homeowner could get a glimpse of the work through.

Seattle Street Art Company

Graffiti Art in Seattle Residence

Abstract Graffiti Detail - Street Art

Abstract Graffiti Art Mural

Finally, the artist was able to add some embellishments onto the horizontal surface of the stairs.  This was a last minute addition to the artwork that the client was very happy with!

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