San Francisco street art mural for residential client. We worked with a private homeowner in San Francisco to develop a powerful mural. Our canvas was the side of a poured concrete stairwell. This outdoor cement nook is seen from indoors and makes a perfect mural wall. Certainly a conversation piece.

The San Francisco street art mural is a good balance of client direction and creative freedom. Of course, painted on great real estate. For the mural we incorporated iconography of local indigenous culture. In particular, the sculptures found on canyon road in Santa Fe. To start we created a rich, textured background.  Illustrated by gestural lines and drips and splats. Of course! Second, we developed a silhouette to represent an indigenous mother and child. Lastly, we over layed a few design elements to create a cohesive relationship between the for ground and background.

The result, a rich and powerful piece that ties the client’s love of street art murals.


indigenous inspired mural

drip splatter texture

Here you can see a close up to appreciate the texture. Similarly to most street art, the mural was not contained in a “box”. Our artist purposely worked the background into the design.

San Francisco Street Art Mural

San Francisco Street Art Mural

before mural

Certainly a beautiful wall before applying our art but the mural enhanced the space.