Queens Street Artist. We recently worked on this private commission for a residential backyard in New York City. The client had some minor direction with the piece with color and imagery. However, then they let the artist do what he does best – paints what he wants! The contrasting colorful piece did a great job in covering up the different wall textures and surfaces. Spray paint, our medium of choice, is very helpful in this regard as well. As the surface of the wall changes, our artists can continue right over the terrain. The mural certainly makes their backyard a lot more fun. It also becomes an enjoyable center piece for discussion when they entertain. We always appreciate clients with knowledge of graffiti history who want us to incorporate some graffiti artist tributes into the piece! Check out some images of the completed mural below:

Backyard Residential Mural

Basquiat’s crown floating around in the mix near the fleur de lis repeating pattern.

Abstract Mural in Queens

Taki 183 in there for the heads.

Residential Graffiti Art Queens

The mural moves from tone concept to the next in a meandering collage of content and style. The tags on the left becoming a graphic pattern to lead into the more conventional mural content.

Queens Street Artist

Queens Street Artist

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