Detroit street artist commission for a private client.  The scale of a mural is part of the fun, but sometimes a canvas might better suit a client’s space. In this case, the environment is a race car garage that looks like a lab near Detroit. The creative content consists of brand logos collaged in a street art style. We painted smaller tag style versions of the client’s various logos.  As a result, we floated the logos outside of the negative space that is created by a larger racing number.

Our Detroit street artist was excited to create this colorful piece.  The auto aspect of the story was important to the client.  We wanted to honor that but equally represent their family. As a result, we began the design thinking the client’s father might be in the foreground.  However, we shifted gears and instead featured his son. In addition, we incorporating the boy painting the artwork into the piece.

Detroit Street Artist Painting

Our photo below captures some of the subtle texture in the close up detail shots below.  Check out the crispy logos incorporated into the loose street graffiti elements.

Detroit Street Artist Detail

Check out the studio pics of the piece before we broke it down for delivery to Motor City.  The final piece is going to be placed in a high end luxury garage.  We will try to get some photos of the artwork after the future installation!

Detroit Street Artist Canvas at Studio

We also feature a lot of Detroit street artists for their unique styles if you are looking for a custom signature piece.  Check out our parent mural company for featured artist projects.

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