Court Mural. We worked with graffiti artist Persue on a private residential commission in Pacific Palisades, CA. This wall sits at the end of a backyard half court. Framed by lush greenery and vines. Our client collects canvases both pop & blue chip art, & wanted the process of developing this mural to involve her sons (and their interests). The boys are all about golf and basketball. Along with Formula 1 racing, baseball etc but not so much the art pieces so far.

In regards to their perspective, Persue’s Bunnykitty aesthetic & background in action sports lent well to the commission. The combination also also yields great active & psychedelic results, (which we knew already). As per the kid’s requests, LA Lakers, Dodgers, Tiger Woods and Jordan 1’s are woven into the colorful basketball court mural. The Jordan’s are looking particularly fresh in Kobe/LA colors. Done with respect for number 8. Mostly our job on this one was just the fun parts, as both the client & artist were very easy to work with. Would love to do it again, check out the pics after the jump.

Court Mural

Detail Mural

Tiger Mural

Bunny Kitty

Letter Graffiti

LA Graffiti

Court Mural

Court MuralThe final court mural reminiscent of a 1980’s NYC handball court. Covered with colorful graffiti letters and cartoon illustrations.