Chalk mural projects like this one prove we’re not just about graffiti. Our quest to beautify every corner of every city spans across all mediums!

The client came to us with a very specific request. They owned space in a new multi-family residential building in Queens, New York. On the 56th floor, around the penthouse, the amenity space kitchen sat below a wall eleven feet above it. Our job: cover that wall with an illustrated texture, decorated by fun food-related quotes provided to us by the client. Furthermore, our creation had to look like it was created in chalk.

We accepted that challenge immediately and proudly, as we do with all challenged laid before us. Because our client requested this chalk mural be permanent, we obviously couldn’t use real chalk. Instead, we used the medium of an oil bar to achieve our goal. You can see the resulting art below.

We were extremely pleased with the results of our chalk mural project and, more importantly, so was the client. On a side note, it was an amazing, unique thrill to work while surrounded by glass that let us overlook New York City a whole 56 stories below!

food themed chalk mural

chalk mural

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