Brooklyn Residential Mural. Fun residential painting just minutes from our Williamsburg studio. We worked with the client to design a mural displaying their home’s iconic Brooklyn view. Firstly it was important to depict a scene of the Williamsburg Bridge. Secondly, we added views of Domino Park and Lower Manhattan to complete the scene. Of course, we paint NYC skylines often, but none from this stunning view.

Additionally, to compliment the apartment decor, we worked in complimentary colors. For instance, we used a generally tonal and warm palette to supplement the furniture and wall colors. We knew the design should pop but should also not be too loud. As the almost perfect section of drywall we were to paint was in the main living space of the multi floor unit.

This Brooklyn residential mural project was a real learning experience. It was interesting going through sketches from various viewing angles and playing with the proportions of the elements. Elements we are used to seeing on our everyday commute over the bridge. Certainly excited with the final result. Such as all projects we’re not happy unless the client is. Therefore, we felt complete once the client expressed their enthusiasm. That makes it all well worth it!

Brooklyn Residential Mural

Brooklyn Residential Mural

Residential Mural Close Up

Close up of Domino park overlooking the East River and Lower Manhattan.