Muralist prices are a factor that many clients often do not have any insight on. Much goes into the value of a mural, and pricing goes hand in hand with that value.

For example, we have to factor in the canvas size, the level of detail, and the timeline of each project. Additionally, if the project is a well-known artist feature, the value of their name doesn’t always scale to the amount of labor involved. The process of how we quote muralist prices for in-house artwork is as follows.

Firstly, we need to know the coverage area. This doesn’t always mean the entire wall; sometimes, we only one on one section of it. Secondly, we need to estimate based on the mural’s level of detail. We can provide clients with visual examples of what we consider low, standard, and high levels of detail. Thirdly, we will need to know the location of the mural installation, as well as a deadline. If we need to send out an entire team of artists versus one lead artist, the manpower involved would affect our prices. Finally, we need to know how many unique designs we need to make. Each design comes with limited rounds of revisions.

When it comes to featured artist projects, much of the muralist price points listed above do not apply. For example, Banksy can paint one quick stencil and the value of his work may be worth 100 times more than our work, even though the quality of work would be equal. When you tie a reputable artist name to a project, it provides a lot more value. As a result, we work a large roster of known mural artists worldwide, through our parent company Klughaus.

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