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Pennsylvania Graffiti & Mural Company

We are a Pennsylvania mural company with Philadelphia graffiti artists for hire. Our local Philly artists are known for putting a dynamic twist on traditional sign painting techniques.  In addition, we have the ability to paint traditional large scale murals with short turnarounds using spray paint.  Some of the nearby cities that we service include Pittsburgh, Allentown, Erie and Reading.  With that said, we also provide mural services to NJ cities like Newark, Paterson and Elizabeth.

In Philadelphia, we have helped everyone from small business and their signage to corporate office interior murals.  As a result, we are experienced with protecting interior spaces and leaving it exactly as we found it.  Because of our experience working in so many industries, we understand what makes a mural successful.  Let us consult on providing a piece of graffiti or street art that makes a memorable impact for years to come.

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Dentist Office Mural in PHI
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As a Philadelphia mural company, we are often creating artwork for live events and activations.  Our fabrication team is based nearby in NY & NJ with the ability to custom build walls and structures.  Therefore, we are a one stop shop for clients and agencies looking for a clean solution.  Our project managers are used to fast turnarounds and highly attentive to detail.  As a result, we have amazing past reviews as one of the first graffiti agencies in business since 2011.

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Pennsylvania Restaurant Mural
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Because spray paint is our medium of choice, we are able to paint large outdoor murals efficiently.  Many people associate spray paint with graffiti tagging.  However, it’s a modern tool just like applying paint with a brush or marker.  First off, the medium allows for coverage of textured and rough services. Second, the pre-mixed colors speed up the preparation process.  Thirdly, the paint dries very quickly and allows for execution in extreme weather conditions.  While our artists are very talented with aerosol art, they also have the ability to use traditional acrylics with brush.  Contact us to help with your public art or commission art project today.

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