Street Art Campaign for TikTok. We had the opportunity to contribute to this year’s Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta for an outdoor mural campaign. We were super excited to work with Tik Tok, the destination for short-form mobile videos. With the Super Bowl around the corner, we partnered with them to launch a multi-tiered campaign. In short, five of our incredibly talented artists expressed themselves with beautiful murals throughout Atlanta.

Grabbing local flair with five featured artists. Dr. Dax and Awe2, as well as influence from Chicago and NY with artists Mast, Amuse126 and Merlot. Each artist incorporated the “Dare to be” campaign theme. Translating it into their own meaning and vision. All artists recognized the ability for Tik Tok to provide it’s audience with the freedom of expression and creativity. The power the platform  allows users to be authentic. Therefore encouraging curiosity, realness, and anything their heart is striving for. Each artist’s mural did exactly that. The artwork evokes the inner desires and dreams of the individuals experiencing them. Moreover contemplating what they “dare to be”.

The street art campaign murals were installed the weekend prior to the Super Bowl. Thanks to the outdoor wall space and production team at Overall Murals. Artists flew in to sign their murals and conduct content interviews with Overall Murals and content partners Hypbeast, Complex, and Uproxx. Murals and interviews were also featured across the social channels of numerous social media influencers, IGN, Thrillist, and NowThis. Above all, the campaign was a great success in driving attention to the brand and taking advantage of Atlanta’s influx in tourism and the trending topics surrounding the Super Bowl.

Street Artists Paint Mural for TikTok in Atlanta

Street Art Mural Campaign in Atlanta

Atlanta Street Art Mural Campaign for Tik-Tok

Outdoor Murals in Atlanta, GA

Graffiti Street Art Outdoor Murals

Street Art Campaign - Dare To Be