Hand painted mural advertisement. A partner agency contacted Graffiti Arts with a quick project in Atlanta, GA for the Bumble networking & dating app mural campaign. The timeline was short, and art and location were still under consideration close to deadline. Luckily the branding is just a few colors & we were able to paint the new design on the new wall quickly. Once the art was provided, we reverse engineered it for painting. Without a doubt getting started immediately on the hand painted mural advertisement.

hand painted mural advertisement

hand painted mural advertisement The wall-scape on Rocky Mountain Pizza is highly viewable from the road. The position of the art on the side of the building adds to the guerrilla vibes of the install. 3D letter characters fly out of the ground with Superman style trails in the high contrast yellow frame. Coming soon to another city near you.

bold text mural Not only does the slanted 3d text look cool, but it also works well with the uneven sidewalk space. Definitely a bonus as this was an unplanned benefit of the design.

bold text mural zoom in

One of the challenges in painting on brick surfaces is small details like text. We carefully place the artwork to maintain impact. Moreover the artwork remains unaffected by the ridges.